Benjamin Rosenbaum


5156 Fulton St. NW

Washington, DC 20016


24 years of experience in software development and IT, including Lean and Agile process coaching, architecture, design, development, implementation, analysis, requirements specification, and client support, in web development web services, and client/server environments.  Worked on projects for Good Government, Health Services, Finance, Entertainment, Human Resources, and Computer Aided Design in federal, state, cantonal, and municipal government and the private sector. 


Skills Summary



TDD, Lean, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Agile, Lean Canvas, Develop in the open, Human Centered Design, XP, Innovation Accounting, CI/CD, UML, BPMN, OOA/OOD

Programming Languages:

Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Scala, SQL, HTML5/CSS3, JSON, Haskell, Perl, XML, XSLT, XPath, C++, C, PHP, Lisp, Unix shells


MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySql

Applications and Development Tools:

jQuery, lodash, Kendo, Gatling, WPF, WCF/WebAPI, Linq, ASP.NET, MS Entity Framework, ADO.NET, git, Github, Stash, Kanbanize, JIRA, TeamCity, sbt, maven, Subversion, VisualStudio.NET, SharePoint, Google & Facebook APIs, OData, Tomcat/Apache, JRun, IIS, Websphere, JUnit, NUnit, Eclipse, Ajax, Hibernate, mockobjects, httpunit, log4j, NLog, TCP/IP, ODBC, COM

Operating Systems:

Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD




B.A., Computer Science, Brown University, 1991

B.A., Religious Studies, Brown University, 1991




Scaled Agile Framework Enterprise (SAFe) Program Consultant, October 2015

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, Microsoft, February 2014

Certified Java 1.4 Programmer, Sun Microsystems




Professional Experience



Courage LLC                                        09/15 to present                 

                                                              Washington, DC, USA


Clients:                 Office of the Chief Technology Officer, DC Government

Position:               Senior Innovation Program Manager

Environment:      Lean/Agile coaching, Kanbanize; Python, JavaScript, lodash.

Helped establish DC’s Technology Innovation program. Provided strategic consulting to align OCTO’s project portfolio with mayoral priorities. Applied Kanban, Scaled Agile, Lean Canvas and Human Centered Design techniques to projects including Innovation Program buildout; citywide Open Source and Open Data initiatives; and DC Priorities, a website engaging DC residents in the process of government.   


Learning Objects                                   06/14 to 09/15           

                                                              Washington, DC, USA


Clients:                 Elsevier, Sage Education, Café Learn, Lumen Learning

Position:               Software Engineer V

Environment:      Java, Scala, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, REST Web Services, Angular, Gatling, QTI, LTI

Played a leading technical, as well as customer-interfacing, role in developing personalized learning software incorporating adaptive assessments and competency-based learning, and interoperating with external Learning Management Systems. As the company’s only Software Engineer V, had a major role in global product architecture, mentoring other developers, establishing standards, and driving adoption of software best practices, such as increased automated unit and integration testing including data conditioning.     



itsystems AG                                         07/07 to 06/14           

                                                              Basel, Switzerland


Clients:                 City of Zurich, Merien-Iselin Hospital, Manor, Roche, Eucomed, Migros, Safruits, Paul Scherrer Institut, City of St. Gallen

Position:               Member of Technical Staff

Environment:      .NET, C#, MS SQL Server, Web Services, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, WPF, XSLT, SharePoint, MatchPoint.

Technical lead for ProcessPoint, a Business Process Documentation system (BPMN/Flowchart) implemented in HTML5/CSS3, Kendo, ASP.NET, Ajax, MS SQL Server. Responsible for pioneering agile development techniques and design of itsystems Basel's Kanban-based software development process. Consulting, design, architecture, and implementation on a variety of custom software solutions (document management, collaboration platforms, web applications, data aggregation) for large, medium and small clients in medical, pharmaceutical, government, and retail sectors.


Avenity                                                 12/06 to 06/07             Reston, VA, USA


Position:               Technical Architect

Environment:      .NET, C#, MS SQL Server; Java, Oracle; Web Services, DHTML/JavaScript.

Architect, team leader, and technical contributor. Designed and led development of a web-service based .NET reimplementation of a client's flagship public agency risk management solution, incorporating agile development practices and TDD. Helped design and implement Java-based custom web storefront, data analysis, and data management solution for Towers Perrin, one of the world's largest HR companies. 



Computer Intelligence Associates           09/05 to 12/06   

                                                             Washington, DC, USA


Client:                  District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer

Position:               Architect

Environment:      .NET, C#, MS SQL Server, Web Services, DHTML/JavaScript.

Architect, team leader, and technical contributor. Designed and led development of the Web Enabled Permitting System (WEPS) for the DC Department of Transportation. Spearheaded adoption of Agile, TDD, incremental releases, and use of a wiki for project documentation. WEPS has a service-oriented architecture, interoperating with a variety of legacy systems, with a DHTML interface. Shipped three releases, automating issuance of oversize/overweight vehicle and emergency permits; the system was heavily used by utilities, business users, and government employees, with significant gains in processing time, cost savings, and ease of use.


Compuware Corporation                       09/03 to 08/05             McLean, VA, USA


Client:                  National Science Foundation                          

Position:               Professional Services Division Staff

Environment:      Java, Struts, Sybase, JRun, Solaris, JavaScript, Perl, C/C++, XSLT.

Analyst, architect, team leader, Java/J2EE expert, and technical contributor on  FastLane, NSF’s web-based funding application and grants managements program for over 300,000 external users. Optimized performance, extended functionality, coordinated teams to address crises, analyzed and improved processes. Acted as a “high level change agent” championing best practices: automated unit tests, modern development environments (e.g. Eclipse, Rational tools), and build architectures (e.g. Maven). Spearheaded design and adoption of an agency-wide standardized Concept of Operations process. Principal analyst, designer, and team lead for the Dynamic Award Document project, a high-profile first-of-a-kind project embracing multiple internal and external systems and greatly enhancing user access to Awards information, which received the Division of Information Systems Team Award.


COMIT Financial Systems AG              07/99 to 09/03                      Basel, Switzerland

Position:               Senior Consultant

Environment:      Java, PL/SQL, C++, JavaScript, Perl, and XSLT, for Tomcat/Apache, WebSphere, CORBA, Oracle, Solaris, and Windows 2000

Played a leading technical role in design and development of loan processing, account management, real estate valuation and credit rating intranet applications for major Swiss banks in a consulting company of 150-200 employees. As the principal Java expert and architect and maintainer of the company's reusable Java components, mentored at any given time 20-30 Java programmers across 3-5 projects. Coordinated code reuse, authored coding standards, conducted code reviews, designed product architectures. Often called in as "debugger or performance optimizer of last resort". Championed UML, Design Patterns, pair programming, JUnit testing with Mock Objects, continuous integration, shared code ownership, XML, use of open source toolkits, J2EE standards conformance.

Digital Addiction                                   11/97 to 02/99                      Laurel, MD, USA

Position:               Software Architect, Project Technical Lead

Environment:      Visual C++ and MFC for Windows 95/NT; C, Perl, PHP, and MySQL, using Apache and IRC under Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

Leading a small team, designed and developed a head-to-head, turn-based internet strategy game, 'Sanctum', based on collectible digital objects. Developed components for user interface, game logic, client/server communication with TCP/IP sockets, account management, database access, matchmaking, load balancing, collectible digital object trading, and e-commerce. '1998 Online Game of the Year' (Game Industry News).



CareerBuilder, Inc.                                11/96 to 04/97                      Reston, VA, USA

Position:               Software Engineer

Environment:      Visual C++ with MFC, MS SQL Server, WinInet, and Verity Search Engine on Windows 95/NT.

Developed user interface, client/server connectivity, internet connectivity, and text search components for a Human Resources Management product, "Team Builder 2.0 ("Top Product of 1997", Human Rescource Executive magazine).



Brilliant Nite Software.                         05/94 to 10/96                      McLean, VA, USA

Bern, Switzerland                

Position:               Project Architect

Environment:      Delphi, Visual Basic, Borland C++/OWL, POET for Windows 3.1 and 95.

Researched, designed, and prototyped an international multilingual small-business accounting system.



Books that Work                                   12/92 to 05/94                      Palo Alto, CA, USA

Position:               Software Engineer

Environment:      Borland and MPW C++, zApp and StarView GUI Frameworks, Windows 3.1 SDK and Macintosh Toolkit, for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh.

Developed 3D graphics libraries, user interface, and knowledgeable CAD objects for do-it-yourself products which combined multimedia content with engines allowing naēve users to do sophisticated 3D design and visualization of DIY home construction and gardening projects. Won awards: Finalist, Technical Excellence (, PC Magazine), Top 50 Products of 1994 (New Media), Gold and Silver Medals (Invision Multimedia Awards), Retailer's Choice Award, Literary Marketplace Award for Technical Achievement and Innovation. Bill Gates demo’d "3D Landscape" during a keynote on the future of multimedia at the Fall ‘94 Comdex.



TIC Computer Camp                            May-Aug. 90, 91, 92            Washington, DC, USA

Position:               Computer Director

Trained and led eighty programming instructors teaching computer languages to 800 students.  Wrote instructional curriculum.



Ancillary Skills