Thursday, August 24, 2017

מולי והכובע האדום (Molly and the Red Hat) at

My story "Molly and the Red Hat", which originally appeared in Interzone #213, has been published online by The Short Story Project and translated into Hebrew by the wonderful Debbie Eylon.

Molly likes to sing folk songs to her brother: "I've Been Working on the Railroad" became "Kum Bachur Atzel", and "It Takes a Working Man" became Ya Chai Li Li Ha Ameli.

This is the first story I've ever had published in Hebrew, a language I sorta kinda speak, though not really, not like I can follow conversations, but I can make my way through the prayerbook and once upon a time I got to the "third grade" in an ulpan in the Galilee. I'm excited!

I tried to get Google Translate to help me read the translation, and I discovered that Google Translate is really pretty terrible at Hebrew-to-English translation. More than pretty terrible. It's a magnificently surreal trashheap of a crazy robot translation. It's a thing of beauty. ("There was a young woman in the midst of many fruit gardens, whose head was in the mouth of the vineyard, and she was not a fool, nor was she a fool.")

Anyway, enjoy!

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