Monday, November 17, 2014

An Interstitial Interview, plus the avoidance of a con report

The marvelous Patty Templeton (whose crazy whimsical brutal ghost-Western There Is No Lovely End is a thing that you should read) was kind enough to interview me for the InterstitialArt blog. So that's a thing.


World Fantasy Convention was great, by the way. Did I mention that? Many wonderful folks were seen, readings were heard, Sofia went elephant hunting. I am not up to a full con report, but I will note with glee that my son Noah came on Sunday and got to playtest Galaxy World, his galactic superhero Apocalypse World hack, with me and the Lizzes Gorinsky and Argall. This too is a thing.

I don't actually know why we inhabitants of 2014 are so enamored of declaring the thingness of our things; so, future me, if you are reading these words sometime in the future, and do not recall what we were thinking back here in the era where we would say "so that's a thing", rest assured that you were no less mystified by this linguistic performance at the time that you were making it.

So that's a thing.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Building Diversity in IT: reading recommendations roundup

There's a conversation going on at the day job about how to encourage diversity in hiring and retention. Of the places I've worked, this one actually looks pretty good at hiring all kinds of people and encouraging all kinds of perspectives -- at least compared to the miserable state of affairs in tech companies generally. ("Be located downtown in an ethnically diverse city, not out in the suburbs" is something that, I've noted, helps a lot). Nonetheless there are some notable gaps, such as in gender segregation of roles (i.e. a trend towards "girls talk to humans, boys talk to machines").

There seems to be some interest in addressing this and some desire for resources containing smart thinking about it. I called upon the hive-mind for help and here's what it yielded:

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