Thursday, December 25, 2008

Salad Noah

1/2 ripe avocado, cubed
1/2 ripe persimmon, cubed
1 banana, sliced
1 lg. carrot, sliced

Mix in bowl. Add a little lemon juice as dressing if desired.

This was surprisingly good.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Week of Cakes

For fifty-one weeks of the year, we bake no cakes.

Then comes Aviva and Noah's birthdays. They are one day apart. So we have:

  • cake for family party on Aviva's actual birthday
  • cake for Aviva to take to school
  • cake for family party on Noah's actual birthday
  • cake for Noah to take to school
  • cake(s) for Aviva's kids' party on weekend (8 invited kids this year, possible parents and siblings in tow )
  • cake(s) for Noah's kids' party on weekend (5 invited kids this year, possible parents and siblings in tow )
  • possible cake for adult party on weekend evening
    • or maybe they'll just have the leftovers

Conversation with Noah this morning:

Me: So do you like fluffy light cakes or rich thick cakes? Like Angel's food cake or like brownies?

Noah: Rich thick cakes!
(calling from room after I have left) No! Wait! Angel's food cake!

Me (returning): Why did you change your mind?

Noah: I never had it before.

Me: Okay. So, but chocolate, right? So Devil's food cake.

Noah: Why Devil's food cake?

Me: Because angel's food cake is vanilla. Devil's food cake is chocolate.

Noah: Why?


Me: Racism.


Me: Should we call them something else instead?

Noah: Double's food cake!

Me: Double's food cake it is.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Flurry of Reviews and Such

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Conversation with Semi-Robot

Ben: Where do you live, Semi-Robot?

SR: I live in Sallyland, in a kingdom. I am the Princess Robot of Sallyland.

Be: Why are you called Semi-Robot? Are you only partly a robot?

SR: Yes, because if I was all the way a robot I wouldn't be a princess. Do you know how old I am?

Ben: How old?

SR: Forty-two and a quarter. I think that's right... forty-two and three months. Three months ago I was really forty-two. Instead of what is a princess? Guess!

Ben: I don't know.

SR: My buttons. I don't have any buttons. And I'm never turned off. That's the princess part. The robot part is, I have a metal brain.

Ben: Really.

SR: I can make anything better. Like, if you're having a fight, I can stop the fight. I talk, and that doesn't count as a fight. So then we're talking about that instead of doing the fight.

Ben: Wow!

SR: Because I have a magic rock inside of my heart. And whenever it shines, it means that. And then it tells the brain to do that, and the brain tells me.

Ben: So does Noah have a rock like that?

SR: No, Noah doesn't have a rock like that. I bought it in a store in Bolorol Land. Noah can't go to Bolorol Land. Well, he couldn't at that time. Bolorol Land was too far from Gukgukland. Noah lived in Gukgukland before he was in your wife's tummy.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

"Tumbarumba: a frolic of intrusions" launched

As noted by my collaborator Ethan and by Tim... Tumbarumba has shipped!

So: how do you see this panoply of original fiction that I have been going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about?

You open Firefox. You go to Under "download", you click on "download the extension", and install the add-on.

And then you go on about your web-browsing business, but a little more... carefully than usual.

Ideally, you forget all about Tumbarumba. And then at some point you're reading along and you say "what the heck?!!?"

And fiction begins to interleave itself into your day.

(There are more specifics under "Directions & Help", if you want them.)

Tumbarumba is Firefox-only at the moment, though we plan an IE version in January. If you are a Safari or Chrome or Opera person (I'm kind of loving Chrome, myself)... maybe you can make an exception?

(In addition to finding it at, if you want to be 'specially helpful you can get a free account on Mozilla's Add-On extensions site, and download and review it there. With enough positive reviews, it gets promoted to being some kind of standard Firefox add-on.)

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Tumbarumba First Lines, #11 and 12: Tim and Heather

The first lines of Tim Pratt's Tumbarumba story, "A Steadfast Tin Soldier":

The first thing the dead man spoke to was big rock. Big rock wasn't so big in absolute terms, but it was the biggest rock in that little copse of pines, and understandably proud of its place. "Hello?" the dead man said, in the soundless way of unliving things. "Hello, hello?"

"Yes, hello," big rock said. "How nice to hear from you! Such a pleasure to have new company!"

Tim writes, "I've always been fascinated by stories where inanimate objects have secret lives, from the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams to the Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson to Thomas Disch's Brave Little Toaster and the painted stick, can of beans, dessert spoon, and dirty sock from Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins. But one day it occurred to me: dead bodies are inanimate objects, too, aren't they? What if they had secret lives?"

And here are the first lines of Heather Shaw's story, "Little M@tch Girl":

A new shipment of Tweak must have hit the Mission over the weekend. Em kept her eye on the woman in front of her who was shaking and staggering across the sidewalk. At a distance, the woman almost looked as if she were listening to some experimental music, her erratic movements accompanied by unheard notes, brilliantly interpreting the difficult tonalities. But as Em got closer, the absence of headphones and the glazed eyes shattered the illusion.

For those who don't know it, Heather and Tim are co-creators of Flytrap, the illustrious "little zine with teeth". Flytrap, in which Tim and Heather published my story "Night Waking", is issuing its last just in time to advertise Tumbarumba: it has been crowded out of the nest by another of their co-creations (and as much as I loved Flytrap, I am forced to approve).

Tim and Heather claim that it is entirely coincidence that their Tumbarumba stories are both Hans-Christian-Andersen-themed.

Next entry: Tumbarumba!

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