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Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Night Waking" at Journey Into...

Marshal Latham of The Journey Into Podcast and his family do a terrific job with an audio version of my story Night Waking... little Nicole Latham steals the show.

It's promoting the Kickstarter campaign to reboot Heather Shaw and Tim Pratt's wonderful "little zine with teeth", Flytrap, where "Night Waking" first appeared. (In fact, there's a story to the story; I told Heather I'd write her one if she gave me very specific directions; she asked for a "700-word Borgesian meditation on fatherhood". The story I ended up writing is not really Borgesian, but the prompt got me started, which is half the battle.)

They're going to do a terrific job with the reborn Flytrap, so go support the worthy cause of resurrecting it.

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