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I just sent a letter to my congressman. Thanks for the links, Ben.

Posted by Jason Erik Lundberg at October 2, 2004 04:31 PM

You have to understand that since Senator Kerry has repeatedly voted AGAINST increasing the budget of our intelligence agencies, they don't have the money to properly and humanely interrogate any longer.

Plus, the CIA needs the "outsourcing" tax credit :-P

Posted by jason mceachen at October 25, 2004 02:29 PM

Jason, you beeheaded skeezicks! Good to see you still wreaking havoc. Don't worry, not *all* torture will be outsourced, there will still be a niche market for your peculiar skills...

Moran, by the way, sent a letter back, saying that he voted against the recent HR 10 bill that "would allow U.S. authorities to deport certain foreigners to countries where they are likely to be tortured or abused", but not saying anything about HR 4674.

Posted by Benjamin Rosenbaum at October 26, 2004 03:18 PM

"Tortured or abused," sure, what about countries where I'm likely to abuse myself? I hate to think that I'd be denied access to nations that have topless beaches...

Posted by jason mceachen at February 22, 2005 01:29 AM

Wait a minute, Jason... you're saying there are countries with topless beaches that are still letting you in?

Posted by Benjamin Rosenbaum at February 22, 2005 09:36 AM

lots of them! Just not countries that have topless beaches in sight of sheep grazing country. There was a little confusion on one occasion, and coupled with the language barrier... well suffice it to say I'm not getting another New Zealand visa stamp anytime soon...

Posted by jason mceachen at March 4, 2005 04:25 AM

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