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Awesome! Can you please post the chords to this song? I would like to learn it to play on my guitar.

Posted by Shoshana Rosenbaum at February 23, 2011 03:20 PM

I don't really understand chords. It's all in E, with an E flat 10 and an E minor 6 suspended or something? Is what someone told me? Anyway here it is in a geeky notation.

In this notation, for instance, an E chord is 022100 - each number represents the fret on which the string is played, with strings in order from lowest to highest (EADGBe). An arrow (3->0) means you are plucking at fret 3, then lifting your finger so that the note reverts to 0. [5t] means strum five times. Get it?

(3->0)xxxxx Unicorns
022100 [5t]
(3->0)xxxxx Unicorns
022100 [3t] on the lawn
(3->0)xxxxx Unicorns
022103 [4t]
02210(3->0) Don't want
(3->0)xxxxx unicorns
022100 [3t] on my lawn
            When I   
022012 [5t] count to ten baby
 [rest 2]   Those
x(3->2)xxxx Unicorns
(3->0)xxxxx better be
022100      gone.
xxx103 [4t] skin is soft as
xxx130 [4t] velvet. Their manes 
xxx120 [4t] ripple in the 
xxx100      wind.
            They are 
xxx103 [4t] trampling on the 
xxx130 [4t] tulips that are
xxx120 [4t] starting to come
xxx100      in.
            I am 
xxx103 [4t] getting such a 
xxx130 [4t] headache from the
xxx120 [4t] rainbows every
xxx100      -where.
            They are 
xxx103 [4t] swimming in the 
xxx130 [4t] swimming pool
xxx120 [4t] and clogging up the filters with their
033200      U-
055300      ni-
077500      corn
022100      hair.
Repeat chorus.
I think that's it. I'm not entirely sure about the frets for "Unicorn hair", but it's something along those lines.
Posted by Benjamin Rosenbaum at February 23, 2011 04:24 PM

Hmmm, that's very confusing. You will have to show me in July. Please note that you have inspired Gideon's songwriting and he has featured your song on his blog!

Posted by Shoshana at March 7, 2011 05:58 PM

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