Benjamin Rosenbaum

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We Are Ruled by the Company We Keep

One fateful, lazy day in early summer, a kitten was born who knew with absolute surety that it was destined to rule the world. For a year, it practiced as all kittens do. Finally, finally, God came to the kitten and said "Today, you are a cat. Go, and rule."

At last.

When the cat played, taifuns killed thousands. When the cat slept, men started wars. The cat would eat and eat, and famine swept the lands, until the people cried in their sorrow, "Dear God, have mercy!"

Finally, finally, God relented. After fourteen years, the cat died as all kittens do. Why God chose an orange next no one knows, but for a time there was perfect peace until one fateful, lazy day in early summer, it was eaten by a friend.


Posted by Matt at March 10, 2009 01:45 PM

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